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Arts & Crafts

Lady nelson educators provide daily experiences for children to participate individual as well as with peers. Children are able to explore different and fun art activities that will promote learning skills that are essential for growth and development. 
Arts and craft are important for several reasons.
  • Helps enhance fine motor skills
  • Fosters correct pencil hold
  • Gross motor skills
  • Encourages creative expression
  • Builds confidence
  • Provides opportunities for social interaction with educators and peers
  • Promotes thinking skills such as problem solving

Outdoor activities

We provide a multi-layer outdoor environment  with wooden decking, garden patch,, soft fall bark areas, fake grass and gravel bike path. 
Delivers a daily indoor out door programme. Children are able to go out in all weather i.e. rain days we encourage families to bring rain coats and gum boots and it the warmer weather families are encouraged to bring sun smart hat and swim clothes. 
We believe that outdoor activities are important for children’s well-being as it fosters a number of learning skills that children need to grow healthy such as:
  • Coordination skills
  • Self confidence
  • Gross motor skills
  • Imagination skills
  • Self - reliance
  • Independence
Our outdoor activities vary daily and depending on the weather include obstacle course, gardening, water play, sandpit, swings and games such as bowling, hide and side, riding bikes and exploring nature.
Our children also are able to enjoy meal times and rest times outside when the weather permits. 

Calendar of events

As part of the children’s program, it’s important to undertake cultural celebrations in acknowledging rights and traditions. Our yearly calendar has a variety of monthly cultural celebrations which can be acknowledged within the program and adapted to suit the needs of the children and their families within the childcare service. Families are welcome to email any suggestion or event that aren’t on the current calendar at any time.


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